Museo Costatini-Brasilien

Addresse Buenos Aires
Planungsbeginn 1997
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REMAPPED T O P O G R A P H I E The future Constantini Museum is located in an exellent Area of the city, facing Palacio Alcarta and including the Plaza Peru. The Museum and the Plaza is designed as an urban cluster that connects various Differences ocurring in every city when a private Investor meets public ground. Through the Method of RE-MAPPING the topography of the Plaza Peru together with the actual site it is possible to create a new quality of a public park in a city , as well as creating a Museum which is intergated in the new Surface and loses it´s tresholds. People relax, walk, swim, talk, sit , play inside, above, under over within or out of the Museum. The liquid configuration of the proposed landscape connects public and private areas, art and profanity in a very direct way. The actual Exhibition stays on the proposed site but continues the (il)logic of the walkpath system. A within twisted spiral layout allows you to stroll about pieces of art without passing tresholds. The single elements of the design are well located in the park area. The Auditorium is sunken in the ground as well as the bookshop and the Café. Both are open to the public and create entrance areas to the Museum / Auditorium. The Auditorium could work as a public institution, seperate from the museum. The bookshop and the Café is orientated to the main street.